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The French Festival Of Lights In Lyon

 Lyon is a city in the eastern central part of France, located between Marseille and Paris capital. On December 8 each year, Lyonnais enjoys (the term used for residents of Lyon) and those from other cities and cities in France one of the most anticipated French events taking place in Lyon, the light festival.

The light festival in Lyon is a century and an ancient interior tradition, where Lyonnais honors the virgin Mary by placing light lamps in their windows. The occasion is especially made of the fact that it is very close to the Christmas period (although it has no connection for Christmas), which causes people to feel that the holiday has already begun.

Actually, December 8 was not the planned date of the first celebration of this “enlightenment” ceremony. Based on historical accounts, the religious leaders in Lyon 1850 organized a statues competition. The statue would be made was the virgin Mary, with the winning sculpture that would be placed on the Fourvière litter.

The winning sculpture was planned to reveal a couple of years later the same day as the Virgin Mary’s birth was observed, September. 8. Unfortunately the day River Saône over his beaches and flooded the whole area. Because of this, the organizers were forced to move the date for the unveiling ceremony three months later to December 8, which is the day of the immaculate conception.

But the story did not end there. To celebrate the revelation of the new statue, people had planned to light light inside their homes. But on the transplanted date, however, an extremely intense storm was affected and the date of the ceremony was moved back four days later until 12 December. But the storm went quickly and in a thanksgiving continued the people in Lyon with their planned lighting. Light Light (Note: This was December 8). Then they went out on the streets to celebrate.

The portrayed by the popular gesture also decided the religious authorities to light the light inside the Fourvière chapel. From the streets you can see a spectacularly illuminated view of Lyon, with the city illuminated from the end to the end. This event now gave birth to the very popular light festival in Lyon.

The modern celebration of the event is held for four days, from 5 to 8 December during this period, entire Lyon is illuminated with modern lighting technology. The spectacular view of the city from the outside attracts thousands of visitors from nearby towns and cities in France, as well as from other countries. It is actually quite difficult to find a hotel room to stay during this period.

Today, the French light festival in Lyon is not just an opportunity to remember the important events that took place more than a hundred and fifty years ago in this city, which is reproduced above. Now it also works as a forum for all cities, not only in France but all over the world, to deal with city lighting and other related issues.